January 08, 2015

VIRTUAL FOREST - Unconscious Cognition is the Processing of Perception

VIRTUAL FOREST is the mystic variation of Above the Tree, Marco Bernacchia’ solo project whose releases have been put out by labels as Brigadisco, Bloody Sound Fucktory e Locomotiv Records. In the words of the artist, this new work is nothing but the dreamlike phase of the main act, a new dimension where the tape is the vision.

November 24, 2014

URNA - Cauchemar

Urna is the solo project of Italian artist and musician Gianluca Martucci. His paintings have been ending up on the album covers of bands such as Kinit Her. As Urna he has been releasing limited CDRs and tapes since the early 2000s on labels like Brave Mysteries, Angst and Marco Corbelli's Slaughter Productions among others. His music can be described as an impressively atmospheric dark/ritual ambient, one continuum where acoustic instruments and vocals create a thick mist to get lost into.